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Boy Climbing a Wall


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What is the suggested height off the ground should this be installed?

We discovered it depends on the children using it our youngest grandson has to climb on something to reach it at six feet but the older one has to curl his legs up tell he out over the slope.

Is it ok to keep under the tension all the time?

I would not leave it out. Not due to durability, due to anything left out all year in weather gets ruined.

Does the main line need to be perfectly horizontal to the ground or is it okay if one end of the line is attached higher than the other side?

I don’t think it hurts to have one side a little higher, once you tighten the line the swings and attachments don’t slide or shift. Ours was crooked for a while before we could get it level. Our challenge was getting it right enough that it doesn’t bounce a lot when they are playing on it. It will bounce some but doesn… see more

How do you use the grip tape and which accessories is it to be used on?

The grip tape can be wrapped around the gymnastic rings or the triandle rings. They are used incase someone has softer hands as they make the surface softer. They are quite easy to use you just wrap them around and stick the end.

What is the length of the swing?

It is adjustable between 1.2m - 2m. So depending on how high up you set the main slackline you can adjust it.

Is there a detailed user manual ?

Yes! There is a very detailed and explicit user manual.
As an extra there is also a how-to tutorial movie.

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